28.2.11: Feeding hornbills

At 6.30 pm, we went to feed the hornbills nearby. It was just 100 metres away and the hornbills would fly in from the Pangkor forest nearby for their feed. The hornbills colour was light yellow and black and a little dull. They looked different than the Sarawak hornbills that I was familiar with. Although they were quite large and seemed heavy, they could swoop down and catch the little pieces of bread in mid-air that we threw to them. They were quite agile, actually.


This resort even built a platform for the hornbill to perch and feed on. 

Throwing food for the hornbills

Some of the hornbills were perched up on the electric wire. 

This hornbill, with another friend, was rubbing it's bottom on the sand. Perhaps it was itchy. 
After that, we went for dinner at the cafe of a resort nearby.

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